Digital eye fatigue

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Tackle eye tiredness and eye dryness associated with everyday digital device use.

If you’re like most people, you spend a lot of time every day on digital devices—your smartphone, your tablet, your computer…

Switching from on-screen to off-screen and back all day can overwork your eyes. That can lead to an increasingly common problem: digital eye fatigue.

Digital eye fatigue is the eye discomfort you feel after a few hours of looking at a digital screen. Tiredness, dryness, strain, and soreness are all common symptoms.

Thankfully, there are new lens designs that specifically help reduces stress on the eye muscles you use to focus on digital devices. Now you can shift focus between on-screen and off-screen with less effort. And…this technology is available in a contact lens!

We are very excited about this product and pretty sure you'll love it too! That's why we are offering our lens fitting FREE of charge! We will fit you with Biofinity Energys, provide all training necessary and all the follow up care with these lenses to ensure eye health.... for FREE! 


Wondering if Energys could help with your digital eye fatigue?

Do you use a smart phone, computer,tablet, or a laptop?

Do you have an updated prescription for your current glasses or contacts?

How many hours a day do you use your digital devices? Anything over 2 hours can be exhausting for your eyes. 

How do your eyes feel after looking at digital devices for long periods of time or after a long day of using digital devices?  

Have you tried taking short breaks from the screen to look at distance objects-the 20/20/20 rule?

Have you tried adjusting your work station, lighting, text size without any relief?


How can a contact lens help with your digital eye fatigue?

Cooper Vision developed a lens design called Digital Zone Optics® This technology can actually make your eyes feel less tired. This technology was added to the already amazing Biofinity design. A monthly contact lens with Aquaform® Technology that retains moisture to help minimize eye dryness and a highly breathable material that allows 100% of the oxygen to reach your eyes, to help them stay clear and white.

Digital Zone Optics® lens design for today’s digital lifestyles