A new breed of lenses for high minus prescriptions!

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Will and Awndrea are extremely excited to introduce a new type of lens that does not currently exist in the market. This lens is not a new material, new coating or the next trend...

This is a new lens capable of making the impossible POSSIBLE by enhancing ANY lens, in ANY index, with an entire range of capabilities! If you have a higher minus prescription you will totally understand our excitement!

This new technology allows us to enhance aesthetics by making the lenses even thinner than ever possible, enabling more frame options and reducing the ever so annoying Newton rings! If you know what we mean by Newton rings, you are probably the perfect match for this lens ;)

A new breed of compromise-free, super powered lenses enables high minus prescription lenses to be thinner and lighter than ever before!

Most lens designers have traditionally had to increase the center thickness for high minus prescriptions in order to comply with impact resistance regulations. Metaform technology eliminates this limitation!

The result-compromise-free eyeglass lenses that are both super-strong, super aesthetic and super comfortable to wear. 


Metaform Nano-Structure Manufacturing Lens Technology-the next technological revolution in the world of optics, breaking the boundaries of what's possible in lens production.