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See, we all have a story….

By nature, each patient is unique and so is their visual need.
One common aspect matters to most patients above all else:
They want to See with their eyes in the same way they’ve always done.

For the most part, their life has become so unnecessarily complicated because of their vision issues; potentially something that could be managed and improved. Overall wellbeing and quality of life can be affected with any degree of vision loss. Vision loss can be sudden and life changing, or it can be degenerative with a long-dreaded journey.

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I’ve personally been involved with hundreds of these unique situations. I’ve helped and witnessed many memorable moments in my Optician years to understand how important this is to so many people, and how much more we could be doing to help them.

This is how Lodge Optical began… The idea to create a relaxed, calm, comforting environment where you can recharge, decompress, move forward and grow. We seem to access this accepting and valued environment when we head to the spa, resorts, hair salons, hotels… Why not have this experience while caring for your vision?

With this vision in mind, our services and eye care packages are created to help you be the best version of yourself, or maybe just access to stress free vision.

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We see the value in having a place that offers this personalized eye care while purchasing your child’s first pair of glasses, trying contacts for the first time, needing progressive lenses for very specific needs, helping an elderly parent with their vision deteriorating, needing support and options because you were just told you have an eye disease or need surgery, maybe you were in an accident and want help with a cosmetic prosthetic lens, maybe you or your child were recommended color therapy for a sensory processing disorder or you’re looking for lenses capable of restoring your youthful vision!

Imagine the outcome of being one on one from beginning to end, with eye care professionals that understand the products being recommended, had ample experience, and is there taking in all your concerns to better help you.

Specialty Contacts

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    A new breed of lenses for high minus prescriptions!

    Will and Awndrea are extremely excited to introduce a new type of lens that does not currently exist in the market. This lens is not a new material, new coating or the next trend... This is a new lens capable of making the impossible POSSIBLE by enhancing ANY lens, in ANY index, with an entire range of capabilities! If you have a higher minus prescription you will totally understand our excitement! This new technology allows us to enhance aesthetics by making the lenses even thinner than ever possible, enabling more frame options and reducing the ever so annoying Newton rings! If you know what we…

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    The world’s understanding of myopia is rapidly developing...

    The world’s understanding of myopia is rapidly developing, and the necessary technology alongside it. It remains to be seen, but myopia cannot be merely explained by genetics alone. Here are a few important details we now know about myopia. Myopia actually means that the eye is longer than it should be. Myopia was once recognized as thick glasses and high prescriptions. A longer eye is concerning as it often gets worse in growing children and there are significant eye health and quality of life implications with every step of worsening myopia. Breaks are important. It is recommended that your child take breaks from reading and screen…

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