Frustrated with your contact lenses?

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Are you envious of others vision correction options?


Ungratified with your vision correction options?

Do you have a highly irregular shaped cornea?

Is your prescription a little more complicated?

Do your lenses rotate or move during blinks?


As you are well aware, visual limitations are extremely frustrating and astigmatism only adds to this conundrum. Many people with astigmatism won’t be able to wear a standard lens design. A rotationally stable lens is paramount to deliver consistent vision. And the regular off the shelf products won’t always work.

If any of this sounds familiar, you may be asking yourself what the alternatives are?


New Possibilities! Advanced-technology paired with personalized contact lens designs are opening up a whole new world of possibilities for individuals with astigmatism. Hybrids are unique lenses and they are literally like two lenses in one! The RGP center provides crisp and consistent vision. The soft skirt material allows you to enjoy the benefits of all day comfort and ease-of-wear.


Benefits - No more Blur! Lens rotation is not an issue with this design because the vision is not dependent on the position of the lens on your eye. Your vision stays consistently clear—even when you blink!

SynergEyes launched the next generation in hybrid lenses. This innovative hybrid contact lens is individually designed and made specifically for the shape and visual requirements of your unique eyes. Even those with an astigmatism will experience clear, stable vision, without the hassle of blur caused by toric lens rotation.

You no longer need to choose between clarity and comfort. Specialty contact lenses are deal for individuals whose professions and lifestyles demand uncompromising vision.


High performance Custom designs that fit into YOUR lifestyle!


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