Keratoconus Hybrid Contact Lenses

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Hybrid contact lenses are lenses intend to provide the best features of both worlds! 
These lenses are a hybrid of “hard” lenses and “soft” lenses. The defining design feature of this lens design is the pairing of these two materials, providing seamless comfort and exceptional vision.


UltraHealth® Hybrid Contact Lenses for Keratoconus

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UltraHealth lenses are ideal for patients who suffer from irregular cornea conditions. By delivering more oxygen to the eye and promoting better tear exchange, the UltraHealth lens offers clear vision and superior comfort for longer periods of time. If you have corneal irregularities and have been struggling to find a contact lens that works for you, a hybrid lens might be the answer.

At Lodge Optical, we are happy to consult with you to discuss whether UltraHealth lenses could be the right fit.

Interested in learning more about the UltraHealth® Hybrid Contact Lenses?

UltraHealth ® lenses are labeled as the most advanced technology available in a hybrid lens, providing exceptional vision and comfort.

  • SoftCushion® comfort technology and Tangible Hydra-Peg® add to the dependable vision and excellent comfort and hassel-free wear.
  • Because of high-quality materials used on the UltraHealth, the lens allows for a healthier flow of tears and an increased flow of oxygen to the eye.
  • Every time you blink, fresh tears will circulate under the lens. As a result, your eyes stay hydrated and your lenses will stay clear for longer, making the UltraHealth ideal for all-day wear.
  • The rigid center creates a smooth uniform surface allowing light to focus properly-essentially decreasing visual distortions and proving you with superior vision. The science behind this is the RGP lens will be centered on your cornea and not over the cone like other designs. When the lens is centered on your eye and not the cone, it will be centered over your visual axis, helping you to see better!
  • An added bonus is they also come with built-in sun protection in the form of a UVA and UVB blocker

SynergEyes KC® Hybrid Contact Lenses for Keratoconus

SynergEyes KC ®was the first hybrid contact lens with Health Canada and FDA-clearance. Specifically designed for patients with Keratoconus. This lens is a great option for less advanced keratoconus.

Transform Your Vision with SynergEyes Contact Lenses

ClearKone® Hybrid Contact Lenses for Keratoconus

ClearKone is specifically designed to restore vision to patients with the many types and stages of keratoconus.

A hybrid lens providing comfort and superior vision for those who have de-centered corneal irregularities.

Not sure if this is you?

During your consultation, we will narrow down the irregularity and its location using our digital imaging equipment. We will explain the best options available for your unique eye!

Keratoconus Soft Contact Lenses

Do you envision having more comfort, enhanced and stable vision? We are proudly fitting Soft Custom lenses designed and manufactured by industry leading innovators.

Soft contact lens designs are available using precision technology for optimal comfort and vision. Specifically designed for Keratoconus and all irregular corneas.

NovaKone® Soft Contact Lens for Keratoconus.

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Advanced design features. Designed specifically for the Keratoconic eye. NovaKone ® lenses can be a viable solution for many stages of keratoconus.

Keratoconus RGP Contact Lenses

Unlike traditional contact lenses, the complex geometry built into the custom gas permeable lenses, closely mimic the cone-like shape of the cornea for every stage of the condition. 

Sophisticated computer-controlled lathes, along with enhanced breathable materials enhance the comfort and vision potential.

Keratoconic vision correction with an RGP lens

Mild to moderate keratoconus is best corrected with rigid gas permeable contact lenses, which provide a smooth surface in front of the cornea, making clear vision possible. Because the lens is rigid, the tears between the lens and the cornea form a ‘liquid lens,’ which smoothes the irregularities of the cornea and makes clear vision possible again. Soft lenses, which ‘wrap’ onto the cornea and take up its shape much more closely than rigid lenses, are less successful at correcting keratoconus.

Rose-K ® lenses for Keratoconus

There are several characteristics that make the Rose K lens ideal for correcting vision in keratoconus, irregular cornea diseases and disorders. The result is a lens that fits very well over an irregular eye, leading to clear and comfortable vision.

These characteristics include:

  • A complex geometry capable of accounting for the irregular shape of the cornea in all stages of keratoconus. Whether the condition is mild or advanced, Rose K lenses can provide powerful vision correction.
  • A smart design process that uses complex computer operations and special digital lathes to craft each lens. The computer-controlled lathes carefully cut the lenses—made of oxygen permeable polymers—to the perfect shape to suit the patient.
  • The option for customization. Rose K lenses can be custom-designed for any eye. By matching the specific corneal irregularities of the patient, Rose K lenses can reliably correct astigmatism and refractive error (be it myopia or hyperopia) associated with keratoconus.
  • A highly breathable design. The polymers used for Rose K lenses allow oxygen to penetrate directly through the lenses. This design keeps the eye healthy while ensuring all-day comfort for the patient.
  • Their ease of use. Rose K lenses are easy to insert, remove, clean and care for. Reference-Rose K Website for practitioners

“The problem with traditional contact lenses is that they do not fit UNUSUAL corneal shapes." By Dr. Paul Rose

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KBA Keratoconus lens®

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This revolutionary lens design employs a high aspheric back surface throughout the posterior side of the lens to best align with the high asphericities seen in the keratoconic and abnormal eye.  Then the front surface includes a compensating asphere to neutralize the high eccentricity on the back and create sharp vision for patients.

Well that sounds complicated!

(KBA) actually stands for- keratoconus bi-aspheric. This is an advanced corneal RGP lens design with patented technology to create a fully customized lens for the most challenging eye.

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