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For the Dreamers, the Explorers and the Rebels

Run, jump, frolic and discover. Or just rollerblading, BMX and jumping trampoline and playing football. Milo & Me originated from the idea that every child must be able to play what he wants without being afraid his glasses will break. The glasses of Milo & Me are made to withstand a considerable impact.

Above all, Milo & Me eyewear makes kids with glasses feel good about themselves. They must feel confident and be proud of their glasses. That’s why they are super cool glasses in different colors.

Be yourself, your eyewear can handle it!

Milo & Me – Made for little Rebels

Eyewear for kids 4-12:

This brand believes all kids should feel free to play the way they want without worrying about their glasses.

  • Cool eyewear for cool kids!
  • Indestructible yet on-trend eyewear in vibrant colors.
  • Durable, soft lightweight frame that stands up to a kids rough and tumble world
  • All Milo & Me glasses come with a detachable silicone headband and Ear Grip Holder.
  • 100% made with love for all the dreamers, explorers and rebels out there!

The raccoon-Each of the frame models has the name of an animal and their logo is the raccoon Milo, where Me stands for ‘feeling connected with’. The animal fits their philosophy. A wild, rebellious and stubborn animal that goes its own way. Like children do.






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