Pediatric-newborn and Toddler Glasses

Eyeglasses in Winnipeg, MB


Our Kids Programs are designed to accommodate their developing and changing needs.

We understand how important these glasses are to your child and the effects that occur when a child doesn’t have optimum vision. We understand you what your child to have access to their full learning potential.

All of our Kids products have been mindfully and intentionally sourced to ensure your child is wearing the safest and most durable product.

Newborn Eyewear 0-6 months



Soft frames fit the delicate features of tiny babies.

  • Flexible, non-metal materials provide a comfortable, lightweight fit
  • Adjustable elastic bands keep baby's frames securely in place
  • Smaller sizes to fit their special needs!
  • Thin plastic frames in attractive colors that will not overpower baby’s delicate features.


Little Ones frames: 0-3 years

Smaller sizes to fit their special needs - a children's frame that really fits!

 Thin plastic frames in attractive colors that will not overpower a child's delicate features.


Toddlers 3-5 years



Vibrant colors in a durable, soft lightweight frame that stands up to a kids rough and tumble world!

  • Fully adjustable flexible temples.
  • Each Little Ones Frame pkg. comes with a Free stuffed animal!

We specialize in the following kids eyewear: Kids Frames |  Pediatric-newborn and Toddler Glasses |  Post Cataract -Infant Contact Lenses | Irlen Lenses

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