RGP Contact Lenses (Rigid Gas Permeable)

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CUSTOM FIT to any eye shape or irregularity, any prescription including Bi-Toric, Back-Toric and Multifocals!



Our RGP Lens Portfolio offers our mindfully sourced and thoroughly researched products. Our standard is to only offer lenses that are fully customized to you, ensuring you reach your best vision potential, while maintaining your eye health.


Not sure if an RGP contact lens is for you?

RGP Lenses are made of a hard plastic that is permeable to oxygen.

Meaning?? you guessed it…
more oxygen = healthier and safer.

In fact, these rigid corneal lenses provide more oxygen to the eye than traditional soft lenses.

They also reap of benefits such as:

  • sharper vision
  • Improved durability (meaning they won’t tear like your soft lenses!)
  • More resistant to deposits (reducing your chances experiencing an infection.)
  • Because they last longer than soft lenses, they can be less expensive in the long run!


Why doesn't everyone wear RGP lenses?

The truth…gas permeable lenses require an adaptation period before they are as comfortable as your soft lenses.

RGP lenses are also completely different to fit. They require specific assessment tools that are not common in the traditional office, further training and sometimes require certification.


Our procedure for fitting rigid lenses is actually quite simple!
We try diagnostic trial lenses on your eye to assess the fit of the lens as well as vision and comfort.

We order the lenses and then before you leave, we will take the time to make sure you are proficient in applying and removing your lenses in a safe and comfortable way.


How can it be that simple?

Because we’ve already worked out all the kinks! We will first see you for a consultation to determine your needs and assess your situation.

This consultation will consist of using a digital biomicroscope to get at closer look at your eyes and then we will take corneal-scleral topographies to get the whole picture of what it is we are fitting.

Once the consultation has been completed, we will determine the appropriate lenses together, trial the lenses on your eye or possibly order them empirically.

It is that simple for us because we have already invested in all the time needed to source out the best products available, learn all about them and develop our skill.

We have seen thousands of RGP patients and have invested in the diagnostic equipment and fitting sets needed to perform our best.

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