Post Graft Soft and RGP Contact Lenses

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Have you undergone Penetrating Keratoplasty?

Superior lens designs are available to fit your eyes unique asymmetry. Lenses that are specifically designed for postoperative recovery and improvement in vision.

Complex geometry designs available in both soft and RGP (gas permeable lenses.) Sophisticated computer-controlled lathes can create a lens that is closely aligned to this highly asymmetrical and delicate cornea.

Available in advanced materials enhancing the breathability for health and comfort.

Improving your vision after Penetrating Keratoplasty

post-surgery vision is unpredictable and can be challenging to correct with regular lenses or eyeglasses.

Following a corneal transplant, there can be significant levels of myopia and irregular astigmatism potentially causing light sensitivity, visual distortion and headaches.

New corneas can always have a risk of failure. Any contact lens that comes into contact with the donor cornea can cause irritation by putting mechanical stress on it. This potentially could lead to infection and possibly graft failure. 

We take this risk very seriously and are dedicated to continually enhancing our skill and knowledge. There are many contact lens options available and we will take the time to explain them all and help you make the best decision for the health of your eye and vision correction.


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