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A lens treatment providing comfort and protection against blue light which may cause eyestrain, headaches and fatigue.

Blue light filters are also designed for people who spend a lot of their time exposed to the potentially harmful blue light emitted by LEDs, televisions, computer screens or tablets.

The current information provided by scientists and medical professionals tells us that too much light in the ultraviolet and blue-violet bands, can potentially cause permanent damage to the eye.

No matter if it's a smartphone, an LED lamp, a monitor, TV, tablet or an e reader: modern light sources emit more blue light than we've ever experienced before. Blue light may be dangerous, and many people find it unpleasant and stressful for their eyes.

It is also believed that too much blue light can adversely impact our biorhythms. We need blue light for a healthy body and our general well-being. Protecting our eyes from the strong UV rays has always been important for visual health. It has always been recommended to wear sunglasses outdoors or to have UV protection on our glasses. However, we are now exposed to more blue light than ever before due to modern technologies.


Not all blue light filters and coatings are created equally


New information suggests the filter on the lens attenuates blue light in the range from 390 to 440 nm (wavelength of blue light hazard).

What this means is they suggest letting through the healthy" blue light we need for our bodies.

“Healthy” blue light is in the range between 400 and 520 nm (with a maximum at 460 nm)

Light in this range is very important for regulating the level of melatonin and therefore for controlling our biorhythm and wellbeing.

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