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Keratoconus is an eye disorder of the cornea or the anterior surface of the eye. This condition makes the cornea thinner and bulge into a cone shape from its normal round shape. This bulging distorts your vision and can severely affect your natural eyesight. On account of this, simple things like reading, watching TV, driving, or simply identifying things becomes a challenge.

The cause of keratoconus is currently unknown, and the progression of this disease is unpredictable. However, don’t be alarmed as keratoconus progresses slowly and can stop at a certain point. In the early stages of keratoconus, there is only slight blurring and vision distortion. At the same time, you will begin to experience increased sensitivity to light and light reflection.

As these symptoms progress, you will need glasses to help you see better, but in time, contact lenses will become the best method to correctly enhance your vision’s clarity. If the condition continues to progress, you may not be able to use contact lenses anymore. But, this is rarely the case.

To acquire the lenses you need to overcome the challenges posed by keratoconus, reach out to Lodge Optical Ltd. We help keratoconus patients see the world better with the right set of contact lenses. Many patients don’t know there are options to help them see clearly, and we want to spread the word that it is possible.

All you need to do to get custom contact lenses is book a consultation with us. During the consult, we will assess your eyes at our clinic and determine the ideal set of contacts for you. We offer a broad range of contact lenses from Scleral Lenses, Hybrid lenses by Synergeyes, and Ultra Health. We also keep specialty soft lenses such as NovaKone, specialty rigid lenses such as the KBA lens by Precision and RoseK.

Mild and moderate keratoconus is best corrected with rigid gas permeable contact lenses. They offer a smooth surface in front of the cornea and make clear vision possible. Because the lens is rigid, the tears between the lens and the cornea form a ‘liquid lens.’ This smooths the irregularities of the cornea and makes it possible for you to see again. Soft lenses are usually less successful at correcting keratoconus, even though they wrap onto the cornea and take up its shape more closely than rigid lenses.

On the other hand, rigid lenses have a complex geometry built into them, which closely mimic the cone-like shape of the cornea for every stage of the condition. Sophisticated computer-controlled lathes along with enhanced breathable materials improve the comfort and vision potential, giving you a more accurate solution.

As you can see, we have options available to help you see better, so don’t give up hope. There is a solution to help you see better! Many patients stop driving, going out in the evening, or going anywhere where it’s dark, and spend thousands of dollars trying to find better vision. This often leads to little success and ultimately sadness and depression.

Additionally, the overwhelming information about this disease seems expensive. If you were just diagnosed, you may be confused and were probably given very little information or support. If so, ask your optometrists or ophthalmologist for a referral (it’s not needed but recommended). In many instances, people find out they have keratoconus when they get denied for LASIK. If you are heartbroken because you will never have the clear vision you desire, you may feel like giving up completely. But, we urge you not to stop looking for solutions because there are options available today to help you.

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